Sep. 20, 2018

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The sister of a former U.S. Green Beret, is involved in a love affair with a mobster, endangering seriously her life. His brother will make his best efforts to save her from her boyfriend ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)
















































The sister of a former U.S. Green Beret, is involved in a love affair with a mobster, endangering seriously her life. His brother will make his best efforts to save her from her boyfriend and his friends, fighting with or without external help. But perhaps this tough cop, Rossi, could help him... or stop him... A detective whose partner is murdered by drug dealers teams up with an ex special-forces martial arts expert who also has a beef with these criminals, on account of them having abducted his sister.

Back in Action, the title says it all. There was a time in the mid 90's when I remember reading a newspaper report that said that there was a crisis in the b-movie world as a result of there being a dangerous shortage of generic action-themed titles left to use. Because of the plethora of action movies between the mid 80's to the mid 90's a huge number of these textbook titles that promised everything while suggesting nothing had been used up. And yeah, well, Back in Action is a pretty good example of one of those forgettable titles.

This is one of those two-strangers-who-don't- get-on-then-do-get-on films. So you pretty much know from an early point where this one is headed. It's another buddy film with lots of testosterone fuelled action. It's very generic overall and nothing really occurs that is particularly unexpected but what keeps it being watchable are the stars Rowdy Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks. Both these leads are proper action stars who do their actual fighting but equally importantly they have genuine charisma and work well bouncing off each other. This still can't prevent this one from being a pretty by-the-numbers effort but Piper and Blanks are definitely good value here for sure. Action lovers are in for a treat with this low budget outing that features more action than in just about any film I can recall. This film is solely catered for those who enjoy watching shoot-outs, car chases, martial arts battles and stuff exploding, because it's absolutely chock full of all of those different elements. The plot itself is as thin as anything, doing little more than setting out the various elements of the movie: the good guys and their girlfriends, the bad guys and their henchmen.

The two heroes in this film have the kind of buddy-buddy partnership that involves them fighting each other for a bit before teaming up to battle the bad guys. The central pairing of Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper was a good one, the classic racial partnership of toughness and talk back. I like the way Blanks always looks like a psycho when he's kicking ass, even when he's a good guy, like here. With his muscles bulging through his jacket (he's ripped the sleeves off to look extra tough), he's the kind of guy you definitely wouldn't want to go up against. Piper has more comedy as the usual tough-guy-cop character and, although he's the worst actor in the film, he's oddly charismatic too.

The action comes thick and fast, as I mentioned, but I found the majority of it entertaining. Some of the choreography is quite poor, especially all those kicks to the face that Blanks performs that never go anywhere near the opponent. There are a couple of bloody shootings and a gory murder that opens the film, along with people being kneed, punched, kicked in the head and beaten up. Some scenes, like the one where Blanks beats the hell out of two guys in leotards and horrible snow tiger print pants, are the pinnacle of so-bad-it's-good filmmaking. I also noticed a lot of scenes ripped off from other films like RESERVOIR DOGS, DOUBLE IMPACT, and COBRA. The ending involves our heroes storming a ship and the editing goes crazy, just featuring a ton of random explosions and people running around shooting machine guns at each other. It's messy, cheap and cheesy, but there's not much to dislike here; I had a ball with it. This hard B action movie had quite a hard time with the BBFC. It had to be cut twice, first by seven and then by another one and a half minutes, in order to finally receive a rating in 1984. The DVDs that were released in the UK were all uncut, however.


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