Sep. 20, 2018

Rollin With The Nines 720p Movies

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Too Fine and his friends Finny, Pushy and Rage hope to set up a successful urban underground garage act and escape the lives they're trying to leave behind. But this dream all goes ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)








































In London, the former small time criminals and rappers Too Fine, Finny and Rage release a hip-hop CD of their band "Time Served", promoted by their friend Pushy, expecting to be successful and make lots of money. But when the violent drug dealer Temper murders Too Fine due to a debt on drugs, rapes his sister Hope and threatens their family, Hope kills Temper in his apartment sooner and Finny and Rage execute his partners in a night club. The dirty but efficient Detective Andy White and his partner investigate the murders and try to find and arrest the killers, while Finny, Rage, Pushy and Hope returns to the criminal life, associating to the former partner of Temper, the powerful gangster David Brumby, dealing drugs on the streets. Too Fine and his friends Finny, Pushy and Rage hope to set up a successful urban underground garage act and escape the lives they're trying to leave behind. But this dream all goes tragically wrong when Too Fine is murdered in a drive by-shooting at the hands of Temper, a former adversary from his days peddling rock on the streets who he owed a large unpayed debt to. To make matters worse, the weight of this burden falls on his sister Hope, who is brutally attacked and raped by Temper with a warning of worse things to come if the debt is not settled soon. With no way of paying the debt and seeking revenge, she visits Temper early one morning and blasts him to death. The dust settles for a while after this until Hope learns that Temper was a good associate of gangster David Brumby, who has now lost a good business partner. But then Hope suggests she becomes his new partner and before long she and Too Fine's friends are back doing what they did before they tried to make it big. But after an horrific nightclub shooting at the hands of Pushy and Rage in retaliation for Too Fine's murder, two persistent detectives get on their case and it's only a matter of time before everything threatens to come crashing down around them. and all about the black drug scene in London, who knew??? It's low budget, true, and it shows. Gets quite dodgy in parts, but once you make allowance for that this is a nice bit of entertainment, make you wince here and there, but hey,wincing is good. The actress who plays Hope is really quite good.

Also nice to see a black story with lot's black cast etc coming out of the UK, make the world aware that them bombocloth Jamaicans got their scene going on under the queens nose.

Good body count. The bust up in Carnage's place, gritty and that dump really looked like a dump. Nice use of a non-stick frying pan too!!! The portrayal of the cops is also gritty and interesting. All in all, a good use of 90 mins.

I could go for a part two and three if it's this intense. Come on UK, do your stuff. Get a better budget and hit me baby one mo' time. I saw Rollin' with the nines in Newham Showcase Cinema on Friday, and I was very pleasantly surprised! The first maybe 20-25 minutes was extremely hard to get into. It was a bit of a barrage on your senses getting thrown into this world at the deep end. However the film changes direction at the half hour mark and goes from strength to strength.

The best bit of the whole film was the first raid on the yardies. It was as good if not better then the Hollywood film Narc, which I love. It was really excellent, got the heart racing and was filmed brilliantly. Another nice scene was the tale of the Sawn off 12 gauge, original and clever.

Me and my mates who went to see it all agreed Rollin' was best when following the coppers. Weird I know, because after most gangster films it kind of makes you want to be a gangster, but the film shows those characters life's so brutally that after the film it kind of makes you want to a hard arse detective, even though they were 'corrupt' cops! The best performance is from Terry Stone, he has a real screen presence, stealing scenes away from seasoned Brit flick actors like Vas Blackwood and Jason Flemyng.

A really brilliant effort for a low budget British film, I hope it gets the cinema time it rightfully deserves, especially when their is rubbish like Scary Movie 4 out there clogging up our theatres! It may start very heavy for the average cinema goer but stick with it, because by the end you don't want it to end.


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